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    In today's modern job-seeking world, there are many career paths to take! However, selecting the one for you can be confusing or down right intimidating! We've created tried and true career development resources just for you and have helped thousands of clients since 2014 elevate their career trajectory to new heights + businesses develop talent strategies to attract people just like you. Explore your career with Modern Millennial!



    We've created resources that address your perfectly normal but imperfectly yours career-seeking challenges and have developed proven (& tried) solutions specifically for you! In today's world, people JUST LIKE YOU are creating careers based on their terms and not what has traditionally been accepted. Let us help you achieve career success- no matter what level you are at [from entry to executive] we've got your back!


    We offer the following Services to our clients....



    We use many proven and researched assessments to help get to the root of your career barriers! Recently, we've partnered with

      trusted science of CareerFitter.com career test to examine multiple factors of your personality to help ensure you find a career that fits you best.
    **LIMITED TIME ONLY: Included with Career Refresh packages! Or available as a standalone product.

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    Working with Modern Millennial is as simple as 1-2-3- CAREER!


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  • I'm ready for a new me..a new me in my career that is!

    Are you ready to find a new career pathway to success? Or maybe, want help creating a career strategy that fits you! Book a time below.

  • What We Do

    With a focus on multi-generational coaching for all job-seekers and businesses, Take a moment and browse our services we have curated just for YOU!

    Mission: Showcasing your BEST SELF Service

    Develop your Career Footprint


    If you are needing a resume [ from Entry-Level to Executive ] that is crafted to highlight your skills and strengths in a way that helps you "secure the interview"- this is the package for you! Written by a certified resume writer, the process begins with working closely with you to craft a resume that may even surprise you on how skilled you are and that attracts the hiring managers to your door step! Now you just need to secure the deal with job search coaching - a key staple of all packages!

    Mission: Career Coaching for Results Service

    Find your career path -or someone else will for you!


    Don't know where to start? The average person changes jobs or careers 4-5 times, and most people interview at least 10-15 times so proper planning for this is KEY! Would you start to build something without first seeking an instructions guide? If you don't use the instructions you know the process is a lot longer!

    So career coaching is like getting the step by steps instructions except we are building you to get the career you love and discover your career value. We can help you with that plus a little! Do you get the jitters when speaking in front of your team or just "public in general? We have custom packages for that too!

    Mission: Developing a Professional Career Presence Service

    Understand the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)


    LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing and biggest social professional platforms- and where you want to be on to find the jobs of your dreams! As a certified LinkedIn Professional, selected by LinkedIn, developing your social presence is a specialty! No matter if you are seeking a complete profile overhaul or just feedback on your profile we have you covered! We will help you show up in recruiter searches and start your career trajectory!

    Mission:Your Interview Prosperity Service

    Seal the Deal at an Interview


    OK, so you have a good resume , and you are getting interviews but for some reason you are not securing the deal! Partner with us to utilize the massive amount of experience in being a hiring manager, interviewer, certified Behavioral Based interview trainer, interview process writer for major companies, and also just like you an interviewee! There should be no other option but you- and we will help you to get your interviewers to say the same!

    Mission: Learn + Grow with Like-Minded Professionals Service

    Develop your Career Footprint


    You would be on a coaching program complete with virtual calls or LIVE MASTER classes to help you get laser focused on your ideal career or role and how to attract it and keep it! We will work to understand your personal career journey you've been on, identify companies that may provide the best fit for you, help you to develop and plan a career search strategy, help you to identify your true leadership style through personalized leadership courses, optimize your LinkedIn potential, help you to craft your career pitch allowing you to reach hiring managers faster,and provide tips on making your resume shine among the masses.


    Career Coaching is all about helping job seekers find the confidence within themselves, learning how to take BOLD steps towards a new sense of career self-discovery. Latasha's knack for seeing what hidden talents need to brought to the light, is only unparalleled to utilize career experience from a talent acquisition focused career and education that spans business, career coaching, and leadership development.With over 10+ years in HR leadership roles, Latasha understands the real-life career barriers that job seekers are experiencing and has been committed to providing real resources to take your skills to the next level. Providing insights that the recruiters just don't want to tell you and empowering you to take back your career-and write your own career story... this is the vision of Modern Millennial!



    "I understand your story because I've been there time and time again, until I took [hold] of my career journey and started to take ownership of my passion once-and- for- all! Being a Millennial, it was once hard to know where I "fit-in", questioning if I belonged in "that room: and being told it's "not your time yet!" I've changed that for myself and for thousands of others- and I can help you! I specialize in helping to turn career doubt to career elevation, leading to a higher career trajectory than most think is possible in less than 90 days! Let's take this journey together- are you ready?

    Honorable Mentions: Nominated and awarded for TOP women and Next Gen Rising Star, Woman of Wonder recipient, Recruiting Excellence, as featured In Voyage Magazine as "Community Heros" , a certified career coach and LinkedIn Pro,

    Hobbies: Developing people- all things careers!

    Company Vision: Founded on the dream that everyone deserves to have their best career and be provided resources to help them find career satisfaction!



  • upcoming master class January 25th, 2020

    Meet the Undisputed Modern Authority In Mentoring Job Seekers To Scale Their Careers with the Unparalleled Career Elevation Method ™ a LIVE Master class designed to give you all of the tools you need to navigate your career the RIGHT.WAY and on your terms. Learn tips from Latasha William's book and acclaimed white page "ACT like a Millennial, Think like your Generation" TM [out 2020 ]. Purchase tickets here- tickets are limited!


    Developing a Career Elevation Mindset "Master Class"
    Developing a Career Elevation Mindset "Master Class"
    99.00 - 125.00

    Hosted by Modern Millennial's own Latasha Williams ,in partnership with The COET group, who is is known as THE CAREER CATALYST, helping job-seekers discover career game changers to achieve breakthroughs in their own career trajectory.

    What you will learn?
    - How to identify and create your career mindset and career personality and how it has impacted your career!
    - The full A-Z of the Career Elevation Method so you can learn, implement, and take hold of your current [or future] career right away!
    "This method helped me obtain a new career that I LOVE, the best investment ever"
    - Lisa Y.
    View more details...
    Coming soon
  • COMING SOON: featured on-demand courses via teachable

    Here's the scoop...learning can be on-the-goal! We've made it SIMPLE as 1-2-3!

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